Multinational Corporation Models You Should Know About

Many will agree that multinational corporations have a lot to offer consumers all around the world. These companies serve different countries thus making sure consumers get what they need without having to go through a lot. But how much do you know regarding multinationals corporations? Do you even know what defines them?  To make it easy for you to understand what they really entail, we are going to share some of the most notable models of multinational corporations you should know about. Read on and find out more.



First on our list are centralized models of multinational corporations. Just as the name implies, these companies set up an executive headquarter in their home country after which they establish different manufacturing plants and production facilities in other parts of the world. The main benefit that comes with centralized MNCs is being able to avoid tariffs and import quotas. What is even more fascinating is the fact that they take full advantage of the lower production costs to maximize their profits. This is mostly the case with multinational corporations that serve developing countries considering they have access to a pool of resources and workforce.



Apart from centralized multinational companies, you will also come across MNCs that operate in the regional model. What this simply implies is that the company maintains its headquarters in one country.  It is from here that they are able to supervise other offices located in various countries. Unlike the centralized model, this model entails subsidiaries and affiliates that will always report to the headquarters.  So, whenever you go through a List of MNCs in Singapore, it would be better to know whether they are in the centralized or regional model.



Finally yet importantly is the multinational model. With this model a parent company operates from its home country but sets up subsidiaries in different countries all around the world. The only difference is that the affiliates and subsidiaries are more independent in their operations.


The Bottom Line

There you have it, multinational corporation models you should know about. Once you have a clear understanding of the models, you will not have to go through a lot when choosing the best from a List of MNCs in Singapore. Make sure you check a list having many multinational corporations in Singapore for you to tell the difference quite easily.